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DeFi products made easy

Centex Vault is multiple assets fund which lets you automate and run liquidity farming on stablecoins with best return

Bot strategies developed by Centex team were heavily tested, proved their profitability and guarantee returns.
Vault bot finds the highest ROI Liquidity Pool Farming proposal and place your money to that pool.

Invest on Autopilot

Powerful & Simple Liquidity Farming Bot

Our bot is constantly monitoring all known DeFi Farms and switch between different pool to keep you ROI always high.
Make deposit, press invest Button & enjoy stable everyday income deposited straight to your wallet.
Future of cross platform automated liquidity farming is here.


Total invested

USDT deposit

~3.6% / month

  • 10 USDT + 0.2% deposit fee
  • 500 USDT min. investment
  • Daily reward

BTC deposit

~0.9% / month

  • 0.0005 BTC deposit fee
  • 0.2 BTC min. investment
  • Daily reward

BNB deposit

~2.1% / month

  • 0.01 BNB deposit fee
  • 3 BNB min. investment
  • Daily reward

Vault utilize greatest DeFi products

CENTEX is Advanced Payment and Crypto trading Platform

CENTEX, a privately held financial technology company incorporated in the UK, operates crypto currency trading, and provides numerous other cryptocurrency and crypto asset-related products and services such as DEX, IEO Launchpad, CRC-10 and CRC-20 token issuance, smart contract-based automated trading, P2P atomic swaps, blockchain based deposits (Depositnodes).

Since the introduction of the Bitcoin, the world of cryptocurrency has dramatically expanded. Cryptocurrency exchanges began to feel estranged from a sudden boost in demand and there seems to be difficulty in keeping up with the sudden market growth.

CENTEX create a cryptocurrency financial center with the help of advanced blockchain technologies. Our mission is to bring financial services on crypto assets to a the new level. CENTEX team develop a state-of-the-art platform to provide comfortable, convenient, safe and inexpensive services to customers across the globe.

Simple and user-friendly interface

Platform Reliability

Scalable architecture

Low exchange fees

Designed to grow

Centex architecture features great horizontal scalability, providing services and pushing market updates to thousands of users simultaneously.

Decentralized structure makes Centex Exchange fault tolerant, secure and safe place for your trading activity.